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Russell Ketteman developed an infection after open-heart surgery, which made him very weak and in need of wound care and rehabilitation.


Ketteman came to Life Care Center of Wichita, Kansas, on Oct. 20, 2017. He was on IV antibiotics and required wound VAC (vacuum-assisted closure) care, as well as physical, occupational and speech therapies. He needed assistance with all of his activities of daily living, such as hygiene and getting dressed, and much of his mobility.


“I couldn’t walk when I came in,” said Ketteman. “I couldn’t stand or get up from a chair.”


Five times a week, Ketteman did therapy. Physical therapists focused on increasing his mobility, his walking and transfers. They also did high-level balance reeducation with catching activities and a standing arm bike for improved cardiopulmonary health. Occupational therapists retrained him in his self-care, and speech therapists worked with him on cognition.


“Russell was very dedicated to getting better,” said Cora Underwood, occupational therapist assistant. “He worked hard and was always willing to participate with therapy.”


On Dec. 8, Ketteman returned home, independent, in time for the holidays.


“Now I can walk long distances and get up from a chair,” Ketteman said. “The therapists are kind and caring.”