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Persistence paid off for 53-year-old Otis Dailey in his outpatient therapy program at Life Care Center of Wichita, Kansas.


Dailey had his right knee replaced in December 2018, and he was in a lot of pain when he started physical therapy at the skilled nursing and rehabilitation center. He required specialized interventions such as electrical stimulation for pain control and swelling, as well as soft tissue mobilization for range of motion and prevention of scar tissue.


In April 2019, Dailey replaced his left knee and continued outpatient therapy with the goal of regaining his independence. Besides traditional exercises, he used the LiteGait system, which uses a harness system over a treadmill to relieve the patient’s weight and provide stability as the patient practices walking.


The therapy sessions were challenging but vital to his success.


“I wanted to quit and never come back, but as time went on, I saw that they were not going to give up on me,” Dailey said. “I give the staff 10 stars – they are caring and loving, and my hard work paid off.”


Dailey graduated from outpatient therapy on July 3, just in time to celebrate Independence Day with his own regained independence.